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The Body Heals

Powerful treatment plans and medical reviews for doctors and patients pertaining to authoritative cures and effective healing for certain medical illnesses.

The Body Heals

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Several memorable events were the inspiration for writing this book. First, many patients had documented benefit from adhering to contrary 'fringe' advice. These cases led to a growing curiosity about exploring the growing list of inconsistencies. These inconsistencies should not happen if one adheres to the official view of the medical universe. Back then it was beyond my education level to explain why a diet high in cholesterol and fat, but low in carbohydrate leads to a drop in harmful cholesterol parameters. Years later I have come to understand how the different hormones, that these diets promote, leads to improved cholesterol profile. The science is all there, but it largely is presented in a convoluted and fragmented manner. The reorganization of these scientific facts is presented throughout the manual.

An additional inconsistency occurred regarding obesity. I could never figure out why no one was organizing the hormones causing obesity as they relate to one another. The science was present, but like cholesterol knowledge it was fragmented and disorganized in its presentation in the medical texts. The obesity chapter provides what science knows about gaining and losing fat.

Another learning opportunity started shortly after I married a pretty chiropractor named Brenda. Humility describes the feeling about my MD degree as my knowledge base was forced into the captive position. I watched with humility what a competent chiropractor accomplished with two hands following a multitude of musculoskeletal complaints. My world was rocked on its medical underpinnings. Thinking outside the box was the next logical step.

Later, I had the opportunity to work alongside naturopaths, other chiropractors, acupuncturists, and homeopaths. Each of their various educational perspectives provided me with additional inconsistencies for the toxic symptom control paradigm that I had been groomed into believing.
Over the last several years I have had time to think about what is actually known about the aging process. Early on I could only come with five reasons for cellular deterioration. In the second year, it became clear that there was evidence for a total of seven mechanisms for how the body ages.

The Seven Paths to an Old Body
  • Poor informational substance content
  • Rusting processes
  • Hardening processes
  • Low voltage cell syndrome
  • Deficient and/or excessive molecular building parts
  • Failure to take out the cellular trash water
  • A preponderance of energies that maim compared to the energies that heal

  • This manual is about helping the reader understand ways to combat these processes. There is a lot of bad information circulating around. Sometimes bad information continues to circulate because the good information negates the need for help from the medical industrial complex. Without good information, owners will always be vulnerable to the clever advertising schemes of the medical industrial complex.

    These informational sound bites are dispersed through various media outlets and are usually the most profitable ways of treating an owner's disease. Many of these popular approaches are based in a symptom control paradigm. Symptom control has little to do with how one heals and always has side effects. Many conventionally trained physicians haven't a clue (neither did I) that their complex funded educations left out many unifying and holistic scientific principles. Owners need to acquire a basic understanding of what is really known about the less profitable ways of treating the common diseases that begin around middle age. Accurate information about how one heals will lower gullibility. This is secondary to living in a profit driven health care system.

    I have found that most owners will make life style changes if they understand that it leads to healing. Learning is somewhat painful and depleting. This book is not for the weak minded and lazy types. This manual was written for those owners who possess enough motivation to stay focused on the goal of becoming less gullible regarding their health care choices. The reward for such commitment comes in the form of personal empowerment that is evidenced by acquiring the basics on how to prevent the seven processes from manifesting in our lives.

    As the reader endeavors to learn each chapter, awareness will come that the profit driven approaches of mainstream medicine are about symptom control with a price. The price paid to the owner's body is evidenced by side effects and toxicities. Common examples of diseases treated today in the symptom control paradigm instead of the healing paradigm include heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, obesity, and menopausal related disease.

    Symptom control medicine has nothing to do with healing. True healing can only begin to occur when cause and effect are included in the decision making process. The seven processes are usually involved in this understanding. Science exists to understand and impact these seven processes. Often there is little incentive to publish or advertise this knowledge only because it is less profitable.

    Combating these seven processes is fundamental to achieving lasting health. This manual facilitates the reader on ways to begin accessing and applying seven correcting principles that the holism of science revealed long ago.

    It is also important to not get overly frustrated when a concept is not clear. Chances are it will be explained later in a way the reader can understand.

    At the end of this manual there is a chapter for putting the entire proceeding chapters into practice beginning with a more complete inquiry as to where an owner stands regarding the seven processes in the context of the physical exam. By the time the reader makes it to this section of the manual these principles will make more sense.

    William B. Ferril, M.D.

    "Dr. Bill Ferril is a medical pioneer whose probing mind seeks to uncover the underlying principles which govern health, diseases, and wellness. His wide-ranging and unifying ideas about the origins and mutually-interactive processes of pathology force us to look with fresh and open eyes at the complex causes and mechanisms of illness. Dr. Ferril's writings are must-reading for anyone seeking a more holistic understanding of how disease arises and how to intervene in ways that offer the most gratifying long-term outcomes."

    -Herb Joiner-Bey, M.D. (Author of "The Clinician's Handbook of Natural Medicine")

    "Many thanks for making endocrinology make sense at last!

    -Carol L. Roberts, M.D. (President-elect American Holistic Medical Association)

    "Not only do I think Dr. Ferril has done a great job in writing a very thorough book on advanced medicine and nutrition, but I even make it available to my patients! This book is a virtual encyclopedia of up to date medicine, it should be in everyone's library for easy reference. Kudos to Dr Bill for his great contribution to humanity."

    -James R. Privitera, M.D. (Author of "Silent Clots")

    "This book is great and I am using it as a text book. William Ferril MD integrates the endocrine system so well. Endocrinology is usually presented so that one does not get the whole picture of how these hormones interact with one another. It is a book to read once for his great insight of the holistic flow of the endocrine system; and then again to really study this book."

    -Alan J. Sault, M.D.

    "You have placed together so many diverse facts and brought them together in a whole so very well. I cannot imagine any clinician that would not benefit from your work."

    -Robert C. Kenny, D.C., F.A.S.B.E.

    "Precise, Informative and Complete. An incredible book on natural healing. A 'must read' for those interested in supporting the health of their own bodies."

    -Carol M. Larkin, B.A., M.A., (Owner of Billy's Organic Food Store, Hamilton, MT)

    "This book challenges you to question everything you think you know about health. Full of innovative thoughts and backed up by biochemistry, this book has revolutionized my understanding of health and wellness."

    -Patrick Montgomery, DC
    (Former President of the Chiropractic Board of Medical Examiners)

    "A great book. Bill Ferril is a truly rare breed. An open minded MD willing to challenge the pharmaceutical driven propaganda taught in medical school. His book offers a much needed natural approach to healing."

    -Jim Thornton, DC

    "The Body Heals is a fascinating and challenging volume that I believe is due to become a major reference for holistic medicine."

    -James H Armstrong, Sr., MD, ABHM, ABFP

    "Bill Ferril's book reveals the miracle of the human body in such a way that the owner is encouraged and guided toward life-long health."

    -P Leslie Walker, Ph D

    "I've seen Bill develop with his own mind in search of the truth. This new book is an accumulation of Bill Ferril's open heart and commitment to serve his patients."

    -Monte Garnett, LCA

    "Dr. Ferril has put together an original comprehensive and exciting text that explains the brilliant interactive task actions that occur within the human physical system. Finally someone has painted a clear picture of the complex interactivity between body segments and systems. This picture demonstrates the specific factors that lead to disease and degenerative aging.
    In the process of breaking and explaining the code of life and health, Dr. Ferril exposes the conflict of interest flaws and ultimate disease perpetuation that occurs within the modern corporate medical establishment. This book could be appropriately titled "The Bible of Health and Healing". It is the pure science and truth of health and healing without inflammatory or biased opinions.
    Of the many hundreds of books I have read on human body systems and heath, this is the one I would keep as a lifetime reference source. It is exciting and stimulating to finally have more complete health and healing blueprint for a successful medical practice based on the art and science of healing. In contrast to the current disease and symptom management healthcare system, this blueprint brings life, love and true healing back into the world of medicine. If evolution in medicine is ever allowed, this is it. The Body Heals is a must read for both the progressive thinking health care providers and anyone wanting to live a long, happy and healthy life."

    -Steven Gordon, ND

    "Dr. Ferril has done an outstanding job of integrating biochemistry into patient presentation and clinical application. This is everything that should have been taught in naturopathic medical school, but instead was only eluded to or skimmed over".

    -Christine White, ND

    Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1- Principles One and Two: Prevent Rust and Maintain Flexibility; Insulin and Blood Disease; Countering the Second Principle of Longevity: Flexibility; Diabetes Causes Rust, Hardening, and Usually Activates an Opportunistic Mechanism
  • Chapter 2- The Cells Traveling Within the Blood Vessels
  • Chapter 3- High Blood Pressure - The Next Level Mineral Table

  • SECTION II- The Third Principle of Longevity: The Hormones Giveth & The Hormones Taketh Away
  • Chapter 4- Obesity Can Be Cured When Hormones are Optimal
  • Chapter 5- Adrenal Glands
  • Chapter 6- Ovaries
  • Chapter 7- Informational Substances
  • Chapter 8- Steroid Tone
  • Chapter 9- Four Misunderstood Steroids
  • Chapter 10- Thyroid Gland
  • Chapter 11- Testes
  • Chapter 12- Hierarchy of Hormones - Informational Substances

  • SECTION III- Principle 4: You Are What You Supply and Absorb
  • Chapter 13- Digestion
  • Chapter 14- Pancreas
  • Chapter 15- Avoid the Torture Chamber Diet

  • SECTION IV-Principle 5: Taking Out the Trash Water
  • Chapter 16- Kidneys
  • Chapter 17- Lungs
  • Chapter 18- Skin
  • Chapter 19- Liver

  • SECTION V- Principle 6: Maintain Cellular Charge
  • Chapter 20- Cartilage Within the Bones
  • Chapter 21- Immune System
  • Chapter 22- Immune System and the Joints
  • Chapter 23- Bones

  • SECTION VI- Principle 7: Energies That Heal Contrasted to the Energies That Maim
  • Chapter 24- Brain and Nerves
  • Chapter 25- Heart